True Blood Recap: Episode 707 ‘One Last Time’


Eric’s story this week was the most interesting, so let’s start there. He, Pam, Katsumo, and his crew are trying to force answers out of Amber. She has suddenly turned protective of Sarah, but she’s not too smart. She admits that Sarah is the antidote, but refuses to say more. In a fit of rage, Eric stakes her. Pam is pissed because she thought she was getting somewhere with her. Instead, Katsumo decides to try a different tactic: That they go into business together. Using government satellites, Katsumo will track down Sarah and synthesize an antidote, then put it on the market as New Blood. (Nu Blood?) He will give Eric and Pam 49% stake in the company, and all he needs in return is for Eric to be the poster boy. Eric agrees, and the vampires go to ground while Katsumo and his team track Sarah Newlin.

Sarah is hiding out at the long-since-abandoned Light of Day Institute. Oh, and she is losing her mind. She hears voices, and is visited by images of Jason, Steve, and her yogi in a strange ode to “A Christmas Carol.” After a vaguely amusing scene in which Steve and the yogi fight over which religion she will die with – Christianity or Buddhism – Sarah declares that “I believe in me! I am the cure! I am the messiah!” Just then, Eric, Katsumo, and their crew roll up and storm the castle.

Jessica and Sookie both play nursemaid to Bill. Refusing to give up hope, Sookie calls a Dr. Ludwig, a saucy dwarf who reminds me of a more acerbic Tangina from Poltergeist. She is quite fun, from rolling up in a massive Hummer to congratulating Bill on doing the impossible: Grossing her out. She says it is possible that Sookie’s fairy blood is speeding up the process, but the only other case she has seen involved a full-blooded fae, and the disease still took twice as long to progress as Bill’s is. Sookie offers to call her grandpa Niall to find out what bloodline she is from, but hearing the name Niall is all Ludwig needs. “I’m fucking out of here,” she announces and bails without further comment.

Naturally, Sookie summons Niall, and so begins another entry in “Ways to Waste Rutger Hauer.” After voicing his dislike for Bill (and eating a huge helping of spaghetti) Niall agrees to use his magic to help Sookie. They head out into the woods, hold hands, and a fuchsia light engulfs them. We see Bill, in the 1800s, welcoming his first child into the world. (This plays into the series of flashbacks we have had all season of Bill’s life before becoming a vampire. So far, they have done little more than waste time. I would like to believe that they are leading to something, but I’m not holding my breath.) Anyway, Niall uses this to teach Sookie a lesson about how miracles are in the everyday things. This is his way of telling her magic can’t help. Then Niall blinks back into fairy world. I can’t help wishing he had a shotgun in this show. (I finally watched Hobo With a Shotgun this weekend, so it is on my mind.)

By the way, Niall claims that the reason Ludwig ran upon hearing his name was because he is royalty, and dwarves especially feared royalty, on account of they used to mock, torture, and kill a lot of them. I don’t believe it for a second.

Violet takes Adilyn and Wade out to her mansion and gives them her sex dungeon to play in. It is filled to the brim with dildos, strap-ons, lubes, nipple clamps, a sex swing, and all other manner of kinky goodies. The kids try to figure out what most of this stuff is, until Adilyn reads Wade’s mind and finds he isn’t into any of this stuff either. When the sun goes down and Violet wakes up, she marches straight into the dungeon, where Adilyn and Wade are all too grateful for her help. She then sets her evil plan into motion, which involves throwing Wade across the room and handcuffs Adilyn to the bed.

Also: Sam is trying to decide if he should leave Bon Temps with Nicole (no decision is final by the episode’s end, but I suspect he will leave); Arlene is frightened by the sex dreams she is having about Keith; Jason barely holds it together with Hoyt, and gets nervous when he catches the eye of Bridget, Hoyt’s girlfriend, in what is clearly a call-back to him stealing Jessica away from his friend; and, in a scene that almost felt like, “shit, we forgot about this storyline,” we see Lettie Mae and Lafayette digging up the yard around Lettie Mae’s old home.

Finally, Sookie promises to stay with Bill until the very end – by which she means naked and having sex in front of the fireplace.


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