True Blood Recap: Episode 706 ‘Karma’


This was one of the better episodes of the season. There were a lot of story threads, nothing particularly explosive, but sometimes that is all you need.

Sarah escapes while Eric is killing an oncoming wave of Yakuza. He kills them all while carrying the jaw of the Yakuza he killed last week. The last wave includes an unpleasant surprise: Pam wrapped in silver. Eric is tired, so he gives in. The Yakuza take the two of them to the Yakamono Corporation, where they are left alone in a room with a timer, counting down to sunrise. Three minutes before their time runs out, the president of Yakamono comes in. He wants Sarah Newlin’s location. Both he and Eric want to kill her, and they are having a pissing contest about who gets the honors. As the sun comes up and the vampires start to blister, Pam brokers a truce: Eric gets to kill Sarah; Katsumo gets her body. When the sun goes down, Eric will take him to Amber’s house.

Sarah has broken into her sister’s house, and Amber attacks. But Amber is too sick and vomits blood before she can rip out Sarah’s throat. There is a lot of hippie-dippy nonsense about Sarah being reborn as a Buddhist. If Amber didn’t want her dead before, she sure as hell does now. But then Sarah reveals that she drank the Hep V antidote, and can cure Amber. Sure enough, when Pam and Eric bring the Yakuza to her door, they are shocked to discover Amber has been completely cured. This changes everything for Pam and Eric.

Back in Bon Temps, Jessica overhears Bill on the phone with a lawyer, looking to make changes in his will – because he is Hep V positive. Jessica freaks, especially because Bill won’t talk to her about it. Once he leaves, she calls Jason and has him bring Sookie over. Some things are too horrible to say over the phone. When the Stackhouses arrive, Jessica fills them in and a sick realization falls over Sookie: she probably gave Hep V to Bill. She had a cut on her arm when she was splattered with infected vampire goo, then Bill fed on her. Jason takes her straight to the clinic to get tested. She is positive. She returns to Jessica and the two hold each other and cry.

One of the best parts of this episode is Bill waiting in the attorney’s office. Madeline Kapneck is the only lawyer in town willing to take on vampire cases, and her office is wall-to-wall vampires. Bill has a five-to-seven hour wait in front of him. It is the first time we really get to see this mythic, romantic monster in a truly banal setting. It is vaguely comic, but also just sad. While sitting there, Bill sees his Hep V veins literally growing before his eyes. He has never seen anything like it, and the vampire sitting beside him moves to the other side of the room, in case it is somehow contagious. Bill is growing weaker by the hour. When he finally gets in to see the attorney, a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo means that Bill cannot bequeath his estate to Jessica – or anyone. (Governor Burrell put in some language to some bill or another that states the deceased cannot write a will, and vampires are the deceased.) The attorney tries to extort millions of dollars out of Bill, so Bill stabs her in the neck with a letter opener. He grabs a pencil on his way out, so he is armed and ready when the vampire bodyguard rushes in.

When Jason returned home from the party, he was worried about what Violet might say. But she surprised him: the house was strewn with rose petals and lit with candles, and Violet appears in black lace lingerie to remind Jason that when she declared he belonged to her, it also meant that she belonged to him. She doesn’t even bite his dick off when she gives him a blow job. This peace is short-lived. Jason gets the call from Jessica at daybreak, and he slips out of the house without waking Violet. But Violet heard, and her jealousy – especially after the night of romance – takes over. She trashes their bedroom and, come sundown, leaves the house. When Jason comes home, he is ready to break up with Violet, but sees she has already left him a note, proclaiming the same.

Andy hears crying from Adilyn’s room and goes to investigate. The cries are of passion; she and Wade are fucking. Andy loses his mind and chases Wade from the house. Holly follows and takes him home, furious for the way Andy reacted. The two bicker throughout the episode, until Arlene councils them back from the edge. Deciding to tackle this problem of step-siblings-in-love, they return home, but Adilyn and Wade are not there. Rocky informs them they went to Fort Bellefleur.

Now, we know that Violet isn’t just going to go quietly. Bitch is crazy. She tracks Adilyn’s fairy blood to the Fort and finds her and Wade getting amorous. Violet pretends to be worried about her safety, out in the open, and offers to take them someplace safe where the teens can be alone. Adilyn is naive as a babe (she hasn’t even existed for a year) and Wade is dumb as toast, so they happily follow along. We still don’t know what Violet’s plan is, but like I said, bitch is crazy, so I am sure she is getting read to rain hellfire down. I can’t wait.

Lafayette brings Lettie Mae back to his apartment. He still thinks she is crazy, but James (who needs a place to crash) is there and offers up some of his blood. Lafayette allows Lettie Mae to fall down the V-hole in search of Tara – but he is going with. Aunt and nephew trip together, and end up finding Tara. She is speaking in tongues and they chase her through the dreamworld. She stops in front of her childhood home, where she digs frantic holes in the front lawn. The reverend pulls Lettie Mae from her trip before she can figure out what it means. Despite Lafayette’s defense of his aunt’s wild claims, the reverend gives her an ultimatum: him or the V. Lettie Mae swears it is not the V she is chasing but her daughter, and she won’t give up. The reverend leaves Lettie Mae with Lafayette.

Finally, Nicole has decided she has had enough of Bon Temps. “This town is fucking crazy, and you are the mayor of crazy!” She wants Sam to leave with her, but Bon Temps is his home; ironically, the only place he has ever felt safe. Mom is picking up Nicole tomorrow. He has until then to decide if he stays or goes.


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