Netflix Horrors: Recommends & the Latest Titles Added to Instant 7/28

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“Netflix Horrors” is a regular column in which Shock Till You Drop alerts you to the latest genre titles to hit the VOD service. We’re back on the clock with this post-Comic-Con and there are three new titles to alert you to with this update.

First, there’s Lizzie Borden Took An Ax. This is that Lifetime original movie starring Christina Ricci and Clea DuVall that aired earlier this year. Didn’t hear good things, but here’s the synopsis in case you’re interested: On a scorching, hot summer day in 1892 in Fall River, Massachusetts, Lizzie Borden (Ricci) returns home to the house she shares with her father Andrew, stepmother Abby and sister Emma (DuVall). But, unlike any normal day, Lizzie encounters the bloody scene of her parents violently murdered. Police quickly question multiple suspects in town, but evidence keeps pointing back to the Borden’s youngest daughter Lizzie, the seemingly wholesome Sunday school teacher, as the prime suspect. Lizzie’s lawyer, Andrew Jennings (Campbell), proclaims her innocence arguing that it is inconceivable a woman could commit the heinous crime of brutally murdering her family with an ax. Or is it? Lizzie is put on trial for the murders, both in the courtroom and in the press, sparking a widespread debate about her culpability. As the case rages on, the courtroom proceedings fuel an enormous amount of sensationalized stories and headlines in newspapers throughout the country, forever leaving Lizzie Borden’s name in infamy.

Next, Hide and Seek, the South Korean chiller that garnered a positive review here at Shock. Directed by Jung Huh, the film concerns Sung-soo who has everything: a beautiful wife and children, a comfortable home and luxury car, and plenty of money in the bank.  When he learns that his estranged brother has gone missing, he visits his apartment in search of answers.  Unsettled by the shabby, half-empty apartment complex, he quickly notices strange symbols inscribed under the doorbells and the terrified residents who hurriedly lock their doors at the sight of an outsider.  The disturbing visit follows Sung-soo and his family home, as they soon find themselves stalked by a mysterious masked figure, and the same strange symbols appear under their doorbell.  With his own nightmares escalating out of control, Sung-soo must face his most primal fears to reveal the shocking truth behind the intensifying horror.

And finally, we have All Cheerleaders Die. It wasn’t really my thing, but Christopher here gave it a positive review.

Teenage outsider Maddy is keeping some dark secrets and holding a serious grudge against the captain of the Blackfoot High football team. When Maddy joins the school’s elite and powerful cheerleading squad, she convinces her new friends to help inflict her revenge. After a late-night party goes awry, their plans take an unexpected turn for the worst and all of the girls die. A sinister, supernatural power intervenes and the girls mysteriously appear at school the next day with a killer new look… and some unusual new appetites.


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