Netflix Horrors: Recommends & the Latest Titles Added to Instant 7/17

“Netflix Horrors” is a regular column in which Shock Till You Drop alerts you to the latest genre titles to hit the VOD service. It has been 10 days since our last update. During that time the second season of Hemlock Grove made its debut, but most recently three new genre films have been made available.

First up is Michael Mann’s Manhunter, an adaptation of the Thomas Harris novel “Red Dragon” and the first time we get to see Hannibal Lecter (as played by Brian Cox) on screen.  If you’re a fan of NBC’s Hannibal, this is definitely worth a look. Even if you’re not, it’s still worth a look. Immensely better than Brett Ratner’s Red DragonManhunter is stylish, creepy and cool.

Also added is Patrick: Evil Awakens. This remake of Patrick, a 1970s Australian horror film, was directed by Mark Hartley and stars You’re Next‘s Sharni Vinson. Synopsis: “After killing his mother and her lover some years before, Patrick is the comatose patient in room 15 of a remote, private psychiatric clinic run by the secretive Dr Roget who treats him as guinea pig in his bizarre studies of life and death.”

And finally, we have 13 Sins from director Daniel Stamm. Also a remake, give this one a look. Not entirely successful, but entertaining nonetheless. The story follows an indebted man who gets a mysterious phone call telling him he’s on a hidden camera game show while also offering him a fortune if he completes thirteen tasks. The man accepts the challenge but is soon over his head as each task is more horrifying than the last.