True Blood Recap: Episode 702 ‘I Found You’

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Did anyone else feel like tonight’s episode was written like a fanfic? The love scene/dream sequence between Jason and Eric to start (which, while hot, was rather pointless); Sookie reading the diary and flashing back to her early days with Bill; the scene in her flashback where she is getting dressed (which reminded me of a teenager getting ready for prom). It just felt a teenager’s wet dream. But I’m jumping ahead. It wasn’t all bad.

Let’s start with Sookie. She tells Andy about the body she tripped over last night (it only took her 16 hours to do so), a 20-something named Mary Beth who lives in Saint Alice, two towns over. Sookie suggests they go investigate, basically following the breadcrumbs of dead bodies to figure out where the H-vamps originated from. Andy leads a team that includes Sookie, Alcide, Jason, and Sam. When they arrive in Saint Alice, they may as well have walked onto the set of The Walking Dead. The town is completely empty. Completely. Not a single person – alive or dead – is anywhere in town. There are no cars on the street. Stores are boarded up, many with hastily painted messages of warning or prayer. One roof is sprayed with SOS; “FEMA Help Us!” is painted in huge letters on the street. Yeah, it maybe have been stolen right out of The Walking Dead, but there is a reason for that: It is chillingly effective. Sookie turns the corner and finds the townspeople in a huge mass grave. The group heads over to Mary Beth’s house in the hopes of finding out how she got to Bon Temps. Sookie finds Mary Beth’s aforementioned diary and may as well have written it herself: It describes Mary Beth’s first encounter with vampire Henry, whom she met when he came into her diner; her asking Henry to take her to Fangtasia; then the slow descent into vampire anarchy. Based on the diary, it seems the H-vamps moved into town and kept raiding it until everyone was dead.

The diary really frazzles Sookie. She sees this as some sort of proof that the “vampire problem” is all her fault. It should really show her that she is not the only one who fell in love with a vampire, something which Alcide reminds her of. “Vampires came out of the coffin the whole world over.”  He assures her that she merely fell for Bill the way anyone would fall for their first love. “You are only human.” This pleases Sookie greatly, but she is still worried that Bon Temps will turn out like Saint Alice. Alcide suggests they just drive away, run, but Sookie won’t abandon her town. Returning home, Sookie sends Alcide to shower before bed, then sneaks out and goes to visit Bill. She wants to know if he can still sense her fear, if he would know if she got into some “serious shit.”

Meanwhile, in Bon Temps, Sam has left the frazzled townspeople to clean up Bellefleur’s so that Arlene doesn’t come home to a disaster. Like sheep, they do as they are told until Vince walks in and spills the beans on Sam’s transformation. After they find a half-dozen humans in the freezer, Vince claims that all the supernaturals are in cahoots with one another. Mob mentality takes hold, and they decide to go raid the only stock of weapons left in town: the police station.

Adilyn reads Rose’s mind and rushes to the station with Wade to warn Kenya, the only cop left in town. Kenya arms herself and the kids and they prepare for a standoff. The mob arrives and talk Kenya onto their side. It doesn’t take much, and Kenya throws Adilyn and Wade into holding cells while the mob turns the police station into a shooting range.

Jessica, still asleep at Andy’s house, wakes when she senses Adilyn in trouble. She calls all the humans she can think of, but no one answers, so she paces anxiously until the sun goes down. As the evening nears, she gets dressed – and notices that the punctures on her wrist have not yet healed. Clearly she is in the early stages of infection, but she can’t worry about that now – Andy is home. She runs through the options and realizes all she can do is announce herself. Andy flips out when he finds Jessica in the house, but she insists that she is there for protection – and right now Adilyn needs her protection. Andy backs down.

Over at Fangtasia, Betty has been nominated to be the new “reaper” – the vamp who goes to the basement to pick the next meal. Betty is an older woman whom Arlene recognizes as having taught her and Holly’s kids. On her next foray downstairs, the ladies appeal to Betty’s kindly schoolmarm side. She eventually agrees to help the captives escape and volunteers to be the “wake-up vampire.” With the other H-vamps napping, Betty has 12 minutes to get the captives out. She is very ill and needs to feed so she can have the strength to help them escape. Arlene volunteers her own blood, even after Betty says she needs to feed off the femoral artery so that there is no visible evidence. Betty dives in, then starts to go a little blood-hungry. Of course, her Hep V is so advanced that she literally disintegrates into a bloody puddle in Arlene’s lap.

Can someone please explain to me why no one has thought to look for the H-vamps in Fangtasia yet?

Lettie Mae is now a V addict. She goes to “check on” Lafayette but soon makes her intentions clear: she wants Lafayette to hook her up with some V, claiming it is the only way she can connect with Tara. Lafayette throws her out. So Lettie Mae goes home and fries up some chicken. Makes sense to me. While cooking, she burns her wrist on the stove. This gives her a “brilliant” idea. She removes the chicken from the pan and replaces it with her hand. She takes her third-degree burns to Willa, who suggests she go to the hospital. Lettie Mae makes a convincing case for Willa to heal her with her blood (even though the reverend told her not to) and Lettie Mae drinks greedily. During her V trip, Lettie Mae sees Tara in a flowing white gown, crucified, draped with a snake, and speaking in tongues. In case there was any doubt, this is all in Lettie Mae’s head.

And finally, we end up in France, where Pam has found Eric. He is living in a catacomb and is infected with Hep V. He is weak, but rather proud that she found him.

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