Favorite Slasher Movie Moments – Insert Scream Here: The Prowler

the prowler insert scream hereFirst, have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet? Doing so puts you ahead of the curve because I'll sometimes upload videos there before running them here – mostly our original content, like Insert Scream Here, for instance. 

A new episode is here and, throughout the summer, I'm looking at some of my favorite slasher movie moments.

So far, I've talked about my favorite scenes from The Burning and Friday the 13th Part 3. With episode 17, I'm focusing on Joseph Zito's The Prowler from 1981.

The focus of Insert Scream Here? is to look at some of my personal favorite moments in horror.  I’m not talking about “scariest movie moments,” but scenes that just stand out, maybe because of a performance or a terrific FX gag or a turn of events in the plot that is executed brilliantly.  It could be something subtle or wildly over-the-top. Insert Scream Here is simply a culmination of horror movie moments I just love.


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