Rank ‘Em! The Many Faces of Pinhead from Best to Worst!

Hellraiser - PinheadPinhead is someone close to my heart. I first discovered Hellraiser in 1987, so it was literally nothing but eye candy to my teenage senses. There was more lurid, forbidden sex and blood than I had ever seen and Clive Barker quickly became my hero.

The “Lead Cenobite," the one to be later nicknamed "Pinhead," was such a standout that we knew we were witnessing the birth of something great.

Pinhead has made many appearances since then with varying degress of success. Sometimes a little goes along way and sometimes a little goes, well, a little. Let us take a look at Pinhead's appearances from best to worst.

What’s interesting is his appearances are nearly a steady drop due to the lack of on-screen time. I would also like to hear your "best to worst of Pinhead" since Hellraiser film ranking tends to vary from person to person.

This breakdown is just the latest in Shock's look back at cinema's horror icons. For more…


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