Trip Down Memory Lane With This Crop of VHS Horror Promos!


Procrastinating your way through this Thursday? Then let Shock Till You Drop help fan the flames and turn your attention away from work or school (aren't you out for the summer yet?) with this batch of commercials that were specifically geared for the VHS market. They're not trailers, they're not TV spots…these were promos touting either a film's VHS release or VHS collection (or in one instance, a magazine). All amusing stuff and there's a ton of them out there, but enjoy the few that we have culled here!

The People Under the Stairs

Using James Horner's score from Aliens

Universal's Monster Collection

They're sure to make you scream!

Demons 2

A blockbuster horror experience!

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child?

Join Freddy any time you like…

Friday the 13th VHS collection

Slashing prices!

Fangoria's Scream Greats?

Volume 1 & 2…


Let's get slimed one more time!

Angus Scrimm pimping Fangoria

Let the dead bodies wait! [cue all the laughs]

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers?

?Cool pumpkin…


Marvel and DC