1994 Flashback! Want to See ADI’s Werewolf Design for Jack Nicholson in Wolf?

Jack-Nicholson_WolfAlec Gillis of Amalgmated Dynamics, Inc. is sharing some pretty incredible stuff over at his Instagram account. Today, he posted some concept art by Carlos Huante for the 1994 film Wolf.

ADI pitched for the job, which ultimately went to Rick Baker, and their "wolf" is definitely different than the final design. I'm not certain if this is what ADI had in mind for Nicholson's transformations throughout the film or if this represented the "final change" which came at the end of the story.

In Wolf, directed by Mike Nichols, Nicholson's visage was more "wolfman" then, let's say, American Werewolf in London. However, he fully transforms into a wolf before the film's credits roll.

I have never seen this concept art before from ADI. What do you think of it? It's interesting that the head carries wolf-like features and his front "paws" resemble human hands.



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