Choice Cuts: Inside Scream Factory & Exclusive Titles Announcement!


scream factoryShock Till You Drop's original series Choice Cuts returns and goes inside Scream Factory.

If you're a regular Shock reader, they really need no introduction, but they're one of the leading companies today seeking out older horror films and are restoring and releasing them as collector's editions. While Scream Factory handles its fair share of new title acquisitions, their bread and butter is older titles and they've given us some fantastic ones: Day of the DeadThe FunhouseLifeforceThe Burning and many, many more. 

This upcoming summer and fall is huge for Scream Factory, so I sat down with Cliff MacMillan and Jeff Nelson to preview what's to come and to give you a better insight as to how the company works. Hopefully, I get some answers that you, the fans, have been asking.

Further, MacMillan and Nelson exclusively announce two new titles coming from Scream Factory this fall!

So sit back and enjoy this video interview and perhaps learn something new about one of our favorite distributors!

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