Ari Lehman, Robert Z’Dar Hop into the Trailer for Easter Sunday

easter-sunday-posterMicro-budget horror film Easter Sunday released a teaser trailer today. The film is Northgate Pictures' loving nod to slasher films written and directed by Jeremy Todd Morehead which stars horror vets Robert Z’Dar and Ari Lehman.

Edward X. Young, Shawn C. Phillips, Paige Taylor, Christine Galbraith, William Bozarth, Jon McKoy and Travis Marion also star.

Easter Sunday follows a group of teens who accidentally conjure the spirit of Douglas Fisher, a deranged, bunny mask-clad serial killer. Fisher is portrayed by Jason Delgado, who also serves as the film's producer.

He explains, "We are trying to bring forth a vision of '80s gore and real brutality on our limited budget. We want to bring people a film that will be fun, fast paced and filled with edge-of-your-seat tension. I'm humbled to be working with so many talented individuals."

The film looks a little rough, but hey, that poster's pretty great.


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