20 Movies That Prove ’90s Horror Wasn’t So Bad

Candyman movieHorror in the 1990s is often maligned.  Those of a generation who saw their first horror film during this decade will likely disagree.  But many horror fans of the previous generation and beyond have frowned on the '90s with disapproval.  Maybe we all just needed some distance from it before reassessing what those ten years had to offer.  I've been doing a lot of "looking back" at '90s horror lately and I have to say they weren't so bad.    Really.  I think some of us were being a bit too dramatic about the '90s.  Certainly, it was spotty and there was no consistence in quality, but in a genre – like horror – maintaining any level of consistency is a lot to ask for.  Furthermore, no decade has been perfect.

One thing you have to give the '90s is that it tried.  Filmmakers and studios alike flung ideas at the giant dart board of horror during this era in an attempt to hit a bullseye and successfully launch a profitable new horror wave (much like the slasher boom of the '80s, the rise in J-horror remakes in the early '00s or the found footage craze we have today).  So, we saw failed attempts at creating new franchisable boogeymen, creature features, more Stephen King adaptations and a lot of direct-to-VHS fare.  It wasn't until the latter half of the decade that horror really hit big with films like Scream, The Blair Witch Project and The Sixth Sense which turned profits and launched either sequels or imitators.

Ah, but financial success doesn't always mean "quality" and quality – to many – is what '90s horror lacked.  I'm here to perhaps turn that perception around.  I present 20 horror films I consider highlights from the very diverse '90s.



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