The 12 Days of Killmas Begins Here With Black Christmas!


Black ChristmasThroughout the month of October, Shock Till You Drop and CraveOnline partnered for the original review series Kings of Horror in which myself and William Bibbiani of Crave and the B-Movies Podcast spent every day looking at a Stephen King film.  The series was a success, which we were very thankful for, so we decided to collaborate on something new for the holidays…

12 Days of Killmas.

The concept here?  We're forced to review 12 Christmas-themed horror movies.  Good or bad, we've got to watch them and review them.  And we begin with Bob Clark's Black Christmas, of course.  Is it as good as everyone says it is?  Tune in!

Also, check back here every day.  From now until December 24th there will be a new episode!