Paranormal Activity 5 for January 2014? Here’s What Jason Blum Told Us…


There’s a story at The Wrap running right now saying that Paranormal Activity 5, which has been awfully silent the last few months, may get a release date push from October 25th to January 2014, a month already populated by Lionsgate’s Jessabelle and I, Frankenstein.

According to the site’s source, the decision is still being mulled over but it might take a January 6, 2014 slot which proved to be successful for The Devil Inside. sat down with producer Jason Blum over the weekend during an Insidious Chapter 2 press event, however, who told us that the next installment will hold to the series’ October release date tradition.

“It’s not done, but it’s closer to being done than when we started,” he laughed.  “We’re on track for October, it’s mostly shot.  We’re still shooting but it’s mostly done.”

Per usual, Blum wouldn’t divulge details concerning the creative team or the plot, but this is the usual stuff at “camp Paranormal Activity”: They quietly move into production, shoot a big chunk of the film and then tinker and tinker and tinker throughout the summer.

When we spoke to Jason, that was on Sunday, The Wrap’s story ran today, so who knows what could have gone down in the last two days.  We’ll keep you posted, of course, if the release date push proves to be true!

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