Jovovich Seems to Think Resident Evil 6 Will Arrive in 2015


Earlier this year, Sony/Screen Gems staked out a date for the sixth installment in the Resident Evil franchise.  The plan was to get it in theaters by September 12, 2014.  When we caught wind of this news, we had it confirmed.  But there was just one problem: Director Paul W.S. Anderson is embarking on a film called Pompeii this year which is due to open February 12, 2014.

If Anderson was in fact going to have a sixth Resident Evil film ready for September 2014, he’d have to begin shooting by the end of this year (this is going based on the shooting schedules of the previous films).  He may be a bit too busy on Pompeii to make that happen.  His wife, and Resident Evil series star, Milla Jovovich, recently took to Twitter to back some of this up.

When asked by one of your followers when we could expect a new film, Jovovich replied:

Seeing as Jovovich is right there with Anderson during the creative process of these films, she would know best when it comes to when we’ll actually see the next sequel made.  Unless, of course, Anderson gets ambitious, shoots something and blasts through post-production to make Sony’s proposed date.

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