Don’t Expect Resident Evil 6 to Arrive Any Time This Year

Our man Silas Lesnick as at the Pompeii junket today, on the news beat for, and he wrote in to tell me that it doesn’t sound at all like Resident Evil 6 is going to be hitting the fall 2014 release date that was initially planned. But we’ve been saying that since we learned Pompeii was going to hit this month.

Paul W.S. Anderson: Shooting Begins on Resident Evil 6 This Fall

For Resident Evil 6, it’s “studio said/she said/he said.”  Sony had penciled in a release date of September 12, 2014 for the sixth chapter in the film series.  Then Milla Jovovich took to Twitter stating she thinks the film would bow in 2015.

In a recent interview with director Paul W.S. Anderson, The Star reveals he’ll begin directing Resident Evil 6 (stay tuned for an official title soon) this fall, which means he’ll be moving out of Pompeii and right into Alice’s zombie-filled world right away. It also means the film will hold to its 2014 release date.

Jovovich Seems to Think Resident Evil 6 Will Arrive in 2015

Earlier this year, Sony/Screen Gems staked out a date for the sixth installment in the Resident Evil franchise.  The plan was to get it in theaters by September 12, 2014.  When we caught wind of this news, we had it confirmed.  But there was just one problem: Director Paul W.S. Anderson is embarking on a film called Pompeii this year which is due to open February 12, 2014.

If Anderson was in fact going to have a sixth Resident Evil film ready for September 2014, he’d have to begin shooting by the end of this year (this is going based on the shooting schedules of the previous films).  He may be a bit too busy on Pompeii to make that happen.  His wife, and Resident Evil series star, Milla Jovovich, recently took to Twitter to back some of this up.

Captain Obvious Calling: Milla Jovovich is Back for Resident Evil 6, So Is Her Hubby

In case you had any shred of doubt in your mind, Resident Evil 6 will indeed see the return of Milla Jovovich as Alice and Paul W.S. Anderson as writer-director.  

Y’know, I never really would have thought for a second that at the last minute the two of them would say, “Yeeeeah, let’s sit this one out,” but there you go.  The scoop came down from First Showing.

What would be news here is if we discovered what the official title for the sixth entry in the franchise would be, but I think we’ll know more soon enough.

Sony Sets a Release Date for Resident Evil 6

Are you ready for another Resident Evil film?  If you saw Resident Evil: Retribution – the fifth chapter in the series, which grossed $221 million worldwide – you know they’ve left the door open to at least one more chapter in the series.  

When we spoke to director Paul W.S. Anderson prior to the start of Resident Evil: Afterlife (part four) he told us he had mapped out a story for a new trilogy which would carry the franchise into a sixth film, so you know he’s ready.  While we don’t have a title for that sixth film, there is a confirmed release date…