Saturday Morning Massacre, Juan of the Dead Featured at Los Angeles Film Festival


The L.A. Film Fest is nearly upon us and the programming slate has been revealed.  The festival runs June 14th – 24th and, after scouring the film guide, we wanted to alert you to a few titles that will be playing there.

From the programming slate dubbed “The Beyond”:

  • Juan of the Dead – Cuba (DIRECTOR/WRITER Alejandro Brugués PRODUCERS Gervasio Iglesias, Inti Herrera CAST Alexis Días de Villegas, Jorge Molina, Andrea Duro, Andros Perugorría, Jazz Vila, Eliecer Ramírez) – The streets of Havana are alive with the undead in Cuba’s first zombie comedy, a wild and bloody romp that sinks its sharp satirical teeth into the Cuban body politic. Castro may not be amused, but you will be.
  • Saturday Morning Massacre – (DIRECTOR Spencer Parsons WRITERS Jory Balsimo, Aaron Leggett, Jason Wehling PRODUCERS Jonny Mars, Jason Wehling CAST Josephine Decker, Paul Gordon, Jonny Mars, Ashley Spillers, Adam Tate) – Four professional ghost hunters, who travel in a vintage van accompanied by their canine companion (sound familiar?), get far more than they bargained for when they take on a rambling mansion with a mysterious past. ? World Premiere

And, under documentaries…

  • Vampira and Me – (DIRECTOR/PRODUCER R. H. Greene) – Before Elvira there was Vampira, the playfully ghoulish host of a local L.A. late night horror movie show who became a national celebrity, then disappeared. This loving, personal portrait reveals the remarkable woman behind the chalk-white mask. ? World Premiere

Head here for ticketing information.  And stay tuned for coverage of these titles.