The Monster Brawl Will Take Place This June


The Canadian horror production Monster Brawl brought a collective smile to all of those who saw the trailer a few months back.

Directed by Jesse T. Cook, the film depicts a fighting tournament set in an abandoned graveyard transformed into a brawling venue. The roster of fighters includes classic monsters, battling to the death in an explosive Pay-Per-View television broadcast format. 

Dave Foley, Robert Maillet, wrestling vets Jimmy Hart and Kevin Nash, MMA ref Herb Dean, Art Hindle (Black Christmas), Lance Henriksen (Aliens) and many more appear and today, we got word as to when this will be crashing into your home on DVD and Blu-ray.

Image Entertainment picked the film up for distribution and has a June 12 release planned.

Because we’re still a ways out from this premiere, DVD specifics have not been revealed, but I’m sure Image is prepping a formal announcement.  In the meantime, enjoy the trailer if you missed it the first time it was released!