[Cover Art Gallery] Universal’s Monsters Return to Blu-ray & DVD

universal-legacyUniversal is exhuming its classic monster "legacy" collections. These collections – which culled all of the DraculaFrankensteinCreature from the Black LagoonMummy and Wolf Man films –  were once first made available on DVD many, many, many years ago and never re-released. You can find them online, but they fetch a high price.

On September 2nd, however, you'll be able to get them again…but still only on DVD, which is disappointing because I would love to own all of the "legacy" films on Blu-ray. Universal is issuing each legacy collection separately or in a giant 30-film box set ($139.99 on Amazon right now). Each collection will carry over the special features that came with the previous releases.

Also on September 2nd, you'll have a chance to buy the classic titles separately on Blu-ray and DVD. I've collected all of the package art for you here.


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