The Devil Inside Drops 76% at the Box Office


After The Devil Inside‘s big box office debut last week, there was a question of whether or not the horror film could sustain that success in its second weekend.  In short, no, it couldn’t.  With a Mark Wahlberg film, Contraband, and Beauty and the Beast 3D making their debut, The Devil Inside took a bit of a tumble at the box office.

The supernatural thriller – which directed audiences to continue the experience by visiting The Rossi Files at the end of the film – dropped 76% in ticket sales and fell to the number seven spot in the b.o. top ten, that’s in spite of an increase in theater count, too.  The film grossed $7.9 million over the weekend.

To date, that makes The Devil Inside‘s domestic gross $46.2 million.  This drop hurts no one, really.  Paramount is already considering the film a success and director William Brent Bell has already lined up two projects, one at Warner Bros. and another at Sierra/Affinity

Contraband claimed the number one slot and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 3D took number two.

Source: Box Office Mojo