The Devil Inside Team Lines Up Untitled Horror Movie

William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman, of The Devil Inside, are quickly become hot commodities

They have set up a new horror film at Sierra/Affinity that is currently being known as The Untitled Bell/Peterman Project.  The production outfit will finance and produce the film with Steven Schneider, Peterman and Morris Paulson.

This is in addition to another deal Bell and Peterman set up earlier this week.  On Monday, the duo were attached to The Vatican at Warner Bros.

Did Someone Say The Devil Inside 2? Just Hold On a Second…

The Devil Inside, as a possible horror franchise, faces a dilemma.  Does it move forward strictly based on its $34.5 million opening?  Or, does it take caution and avoid sequel-itis given that it received an “F” Cinemascore?  Obviously, the studio could do a sequel with the creators if they strived to do something better.  Also, the film’s second weekend will likely dictate how everyone proceeds as well.  But for right now, there is no rush, says Steven Schneider.

The Wrap spoke with the executive producer recently; you’ll find what he had to say after the jump.

Director of The Devil Inside Sets Up The Vatican

Keeping his momentum going, director William Brent Bell has already lined up his next project in the wake of a succeessful opening weekend for The Devil Inside.

He will next direct The Vatican for Warner Bros.  The studio picked up a pitch for the movie from writer David Cohen.  Roy Lee (The Ring) will produce with a number of others including The Devil Inside’s co-writer Matt Peterman.

Shock Waves: Episode 16 (w/Guest Host Brian Collins – Re-Evaluating Splice,

Hello, 2012!  Shock Waves welcomes in the new year with guest co-host Brian Collins of Horror Movie a Day.

In this episode, Collins and host Ryan Turek react to the trailer for the latest contained thriller, ATM, and discuss the upcoming Carrie remake and a new ghost story called HAUNTERS.  Reviews include: The Grey, starring Liam Neeson, Richard Stanley’s Hardware and The Devil Inside.  And for their feature discussion, Collin and Turek analyze Vincenzo Natali’s 2010 sci-fi thriller Splice.

As an added bonus…  Tune in for an exclusive interview with Tom Savini as he chats about The Theatre Bizarre, the anthology horror film featuring his contribution: “Wet Dreams.”  Head inside for an exclusive clip from the film.

The Devil Inside Launches The Rossi Files

Already a box office hit just from last night’s midnight showings, The Devil Inside has launched a viral website called The Rossi Files that continues the world of the film with new images and video clips from the world of the film.

A New Devil Inside Teaser Disguised As a Clip

With the release of The Devil Inside almost a week away, a new “clip” has premiered.  However, after watching it, I believe this is a clip that’s been heavily re-edited to also serve as a teaser preview of sorts as it features multiple scenes.

Head inside for some eerie sights and sounds from this “found footage” exorcism flick opening January 6.

Exclusive: The Devil Inside Billboard & Bus Shelter Art! has your exclusive first look at the new billboard and bus shelter art for Paramount Pictures’ The Devil Inside, opening in theaters on January 6. Directed by William Brent Bell, the film stars Fernanda Andrade, Isabella Rossi, Simon Quarterman, Evan Helmuth, Ionut Grama, Suzan Crowley, Bonnie Morgan, Brian Johnson, Preston James Hillier and D.T. Carney.

This Devil Inside Pic Offers Exorcism POV

A new photo from Paramount’s The Devil Inside presents what it might look like to be an exorcist holding down someone who is possessed.

The supernatural thriller, directed by William Brent Bell, opens in theaters on January 6 and utilizes the “found footage” narrative technique to deliver devilish frights.

Check out the new image inside.

Watch a Shocking Exclusive Clip from The Devil Inside

This clip goes to a place you don’t expect.  At least, that’s what I thought when Paramount passed along this exclusive look at The Devil Inside, opening January 6.

The film, directed by William Brent Bell, is the latest entry in horror’s faux documentary/”found footage” sub-genre.  Like The Last Exorcism before it, it deals with the supernatural, moreover, exorcists.  Out of context, I have no clue where this clip fits into the story…but damn.