Mainstream Outlet Reveals First Image from Human Centipede 2


Meet “Martin”

Amazing. It’s simply weird to me that The Human Centipede, a film which generated buzz through smaller horror and cult sites such as this one, has grown into this beast that mainstream media has latched onto. I guess it doesn’t surprise me that Entertainment Weekly, of all places, just posted the first official image from The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence, giving you a look at “Martin,” the main man at the center of the sequel.

This is the dude who, according to UK censors, masturbates with sandpaper and does other nasty things. You see, in the follow-up, The Human Centipede, as a film, exists and Martin is obsessed with it.

IFC is bringing the film to the U.S. on October 7. Reps there are keeping mum as to whether or not the film will be released uncut…

Source: EW