Carpenter Still Only Has One Escape Plan for Snake


What’s the future for this master of horror

Shock spent the morning talking with John Carpenter about his latest film, The Ward.

Still wielding a mercenary attitude, the director told us a few projects are on the table for the future, but nothing was certain. Yes, he has an adaptation of Darkchylde (based on the comic book) in development and there’s a “gothic western” he’s toying with, but until the money is laid out he’s taking a “wait and see” approach.

Asked if he felt re-energized enough to write an original script himself, he laughed, replying, “That’s a lot of work!” And even though a remake to his Escape from New York is on the way, we had to ask: In today’s political environment, what would Snake Plissken be up to if Carpenter were to make a third film?

The director’s answer hasn’t changed since he was first asked this question around the time Escape from L.A. was released. “Snake would be escaping Earth,” Carpenter said.

Stay tuned for our full interview (along with comments from The Ward‘s Amber Heard) soon!

Source: RyanTurek, Managing Editor