Green Lantern Writer Tackling King’s Under the Dome


Is there hope for Locke & Key?

Two interesting things worth mentioning here that were embedded in a Variety story about Steven Spielberg.

The first is that Michael Green is writing an adaptation of Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” for Spielberg and Dreamworks TV. The latter optioned the novel in late-2009.

Green recently penned The River, Oren Peli’s upcoming series, and he’s credited for Green Lantern. “Under the Dome” will be a television mini-series.

Also, it seems Dreamworks TV isn’t giving up on Locke & Key just yet. Fox may have passed on the pilot episode, based on the supernatural comic book series of the same name, but Variety says Dreamworks is going to shop it around and see if another network wants it.

Source: Variety