Remember Below? Well, Here’s a Nice Companion Piece Called Phantom


Cast and story details revealed

Remember David Twohy’s film Below? Dimension dumped it. It tanked at the box office. Aranofsky was involved in the story. And I think it’s highly overlooked.

The gist of that film? A haunted submarine. Of course, the events that go down in the tale revolve around the American crew and the actions they may or may not have committed.

Now a new supernatural sub flick is on the way in the form of Phantom (and no, it’s not connected to Below in any way in case you’re confused). Deadline says Andy Garcia, William Fichtner, Ed Harris and Natascha McElhone are starring for director Todd Robinson.

This one concerns a Soviet sub and its captain who discovers there’s something aboard that is taking control of his ship. Apparently, what it plans to do will have worldwide consequences.

Source: Deadline