Cast Fills Out for Laid to Rest 2


Rob Hall’s slasher sequel to begin shooting

Brian Austin Green, Thomas Dekker, Christopher Nelson, Jennifer Blanc, Danielle Harris and Michael Biehn are set to star in ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2, the follow-up to Robert Hall’s 2009 slasher effort Laid to Rest.

Nick Principe will once again don the steely mask as the sequel’s killer, Chrome Skull.

Shooting is anticipated to begin November 1 with Hall back in the director’s chair. He’s working from a script that he penned with the film’s co-producer Kevin Bocarde. The first film’s Chang Tseng is also producing.

“You can’t really make a Laid to Rest movie and not have the best gore effects,” says Hall. “We’re doubling the carnage and doubling the fun. I know we raised the bar on the last one, but people have no idea what’s in store in that department for the sequel—it’s the original and then some. I’m so happy to have such a stellar cast involved, and I think Kevin and I have come up with a cool way to bring Chromey back without going all nutty and breaking our own rules.”

Although Laid to Rest was distributed by Anchor Bay, the sequel presently does not have a home, however, that’s not going to deter Hall and company from pressing on.

In past interviews with Shock Till You Drop, Hall revealed he not only has a part two mapped out, but he has a third Rest chapter to tell as well.

Source: Shock Till You Drop