Laid to Rest 3 May Actually Be Happening


Laid to RestNews moved slow on this one, but sources at the Texas Frightmare convention tell me that Robert Hall – director of Lightning Bug and the Laid to Rest films – told fans that Laid to Rest 3 is in the works. We've got few details to go on, but this isn't surprising news since Hall and the team behind the film have been talking trilogy since day one.

ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 was an entirely independent effort and later picked up by Image Entertainment. Will Hall finance the threequel or is Image stepping up to shepherd the film?

Back in 2009, Hall told us the third film would be called Laid to Rest 3: Conception. He added, "Laid To Rest 3 shows you how he got to where he was, whereas [part two] is more of a direct sequel, but you do get a lot more information about who he is and what he wants. I think that will satisfy a lot of those people that liked the carnage of the first one, but wanted to know more about Chromeskull.”

Again, buzz out of a convention. We'll see if it comes to fruition!

Hall is currently finishing up a feature film version of Fear Clinic, starring Robert Englund.

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