What is Wentworth Miller’s Stoker About?


Star of Resident Evil: Afterlife penned two scripts

Recently, it was rumored that Prison Break star Wentworth Miller was going out with a script he wrote called Stoker. He did this under the pseudonym Ted Foulke.

Of course,the title tickled my curiosity based on the title alone. Was it a horror pic? A thriller? Well, Deadline has learned that Miller not only penned Stoker, but a prequel as well called Uncle Charlie, and both scripts are close to seeking a home.

The site also reports Stoker is “the story of an eccentric teen whose enigmatic and estranged uncle who returns to the family after the death of the girl’s father” while Uncle Charlie “explores another chapter in the history of an unusual family that has a knack for burying secrets.”

Okay, now I’m really interested.

Miller will next been seen in the upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife (set report).

Source: Deadline