Darabont Preps Gut-Punching Scene for The Walking Dead


An on-set interview with the director

AMC’s publicity machine is down in Atlanta, tailing writer-director Frank Darabont on the set of The Walking Dead.

In addition to answering the usual questions, Darabont revealed what he’s specifically shooting this week:

Right now we’re filming the shootout that kicks things off for the series. It’s the kind of thing I haven’t had a chance to do that often in my career. Most of my movies tend to be very sweet, talking dramas. I haven’t had a chance to do that much action. So I’m actually getting a lot of my desire for that sort of thing out right now, and expressing my desire to roll a car six times. Yeah baby, I’m there! Let’s load those guns with more blanks, absolutely. The first zombie is up tomorrow. It’s going to be the very first scene of the entire series – a good, gut-punch of a scene right off the bat.

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Source: AMC