Indie Watch: The Trailer for Fugue


A twist on the haunted house genre

Fugue is set to make its World Premiere at the 13th Annual Dances With Films festival on Sunday, June 6 at 9:30 PM.

Director Barbara Stepansky’s film follows a young woman who moves in with her boyfriend comes to believe her new home is haunted. But when she discovers the last nine months have been erased from her memory, she must unearth what caused the condition before the past destroys her present.

“Fugue starts out as a haunted house tale,” says Stepansky, “but a scientific discovery gives the movie an extremely modern and uniquely breathtaking twist. From that point onward, the audience has to ask themselves the same questions about reality as our heroine.”

Abigail Mittel and Richard Gunn star. Visit for more. Click here for details on the festival appearance.

Source: Shock Till You Drop