Klavan’s Bury the Dead Filming This Year


The author behind Eastwood’s True Crime

ShoulderHill Films has optioned best-selling author and screenwriter Andrew Klavan’s screenplay Bury the Dead.

The supernatural thriller film tells the story of a young couple who wanders into a strange village where they witness a bizarre ritual killing and realize they may be next in line. The film is scheduled to begin production in late 2010.

Andrew Klavan is the author of many internationally bestselling novels. He is the author of “True Crime,” which director Clint Eastwood turned into a motion picture. Klavan also wrote the novel “Don’t Say A Word,” which became a 20th Century Fox release starring Michael Douglas and Brittany Murphy.

Klavan’s previous screenplays include One Missed Call.

ShoulderHill Entertainment is currently planning to shoot the film in the UK with Steven Addair attached to direct.

Source: Shock Till You Drop