Dunstan: Saw 7 3D is “Fresh and Hard”


How is Greutert holding up in the director’s chair?

Promoting the DVD and Blu-Ray release of The Collector this week, director Marcus Dunstan opened up on what he experienced on Saw 7, the franchise’s first 3D entry hitting the screen on October 22.

“The great thing about seeing Saw 3D happen is being immersed in that technology for the last two months,” Dunstan enthuses, taking a break from drafting a script for The Collector 2 which was recently ordered up by the producers. “What I saw was so awesome! Allowing someone total immersion in the horror world was tremendous. It’s not a poke-in-the-eye type of show, it’s ‘Hey, we’ve been yelling at you from the screen for years, now we’re going to invite you in.’ In this case, I haven’t seen this in an extremely violent, R-rated world where it’s not just stimulating from gore, but we want to give you something fresh and hard.”

There’s been much speculation as to the quality of the film given its tumultuous history of filling the director’s chair. Kevin Greutert begrudgingly returned after being pulled away from Paranormal Activity 2 for contractual reasons. Dunstan says, however, do not worry. The man sounds like he’s going to deliver.

“If you or I were plucked off the street and onto a set with a week and a half to prep, there are a number of ways to react,” Dunstan says. “Kevin is a professional in that, while he was very open about his feelings for what was obligated of him, the stuff I saw him execute was with passion and the desire to grab the audience by the eyes and shake them to the core. That is a testament to his character. So regardless of the politics that painting out drama, the filmmaker in him is not about to let a film slip out of his hands and he’s going to deliver his best effort.”

More from Dunstan to come!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor