EXCL: Who’s Writing & Directing Quarantine 2?


Screen Gems is prepping the sequel

Like its Spanish counterpart, Rec, Screen Gems’ Quarantine left the door wide open for a sequel. Sure enough, Sony’s specialty division that dabbles often in the horror field is moving ahead on Quarantine 2.

After combing Hollywood for pitches, Screen Gems has hired John Pogue to write and direct.

Pogue penned U.S. Marshals, the 1998 follow-up to The Fugitive, and all three entries in The Skulls series for Universal. Dark Castle tapped him to write Ghost Ship which opened in 2002.

Word is, Pogue is taking Quarantine out of the doomed tenement stricken with a vicious virus and setting the sequel in an airport. So, yes, it will be a departure from Rec 2 which picked up minutes after the events in Rec.

Quarantine 2 is being geared for direct-to-DVD, but as they say, anything can happen. Perhaps it will wind up theatrical. Quarantine grossed $41 million worldwide when it opened in 2008.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor