Full Details for Horrorfest 4 DVD Slate

What special features can you expect?

We’re shocked that Lionsgate Home Entertainment would release these details mere days before the following films make their theatrical debut (usually such announcements come after their release), but here is the breakdown for all eight films in the Horrorfest 2010 slate that will be hitting DVD on March 23.

Lake Mungo will arrive with nothing more than a theatrical trailer. The Graves DVD features two audio commentaries plus a couple of featurettes, audition and script read footage, a music video, “Spot the Gnome” game and the downloadable original script. Dread contains the featurette “Facing the Fear: Behind the Scenes of Dread,” plus “A Conversation with Clive Barker and director Anthony Diblasi” and deleted scenes.

For Zombies of Mass Destruction expect the “Making of Zombies of Mass Destruction” featurette. The Reeds and Hidden appear to be a bare bones releases. The Final features an audio commentary with the producer and director plus behind the scenes footage and a deleted scene.

Finally, Kill Theory includes the featurette “Kill Theory: Behind the Scenes” plus two alternate openings and a deleted scene.

We’ll update this spot with artwork when it comes in. In the meantime, click on each title for pics, trailers and more!

Source: Lionsgate Home Entertainment


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