Hey, Quit Downloading Zombieland


Sequel affected by piracy

Disheartening news for those expecting to see a sequel for Zombieland. Co-writer Rhett Reese posted the following message on his Twitter account this afternoon.

Zombieland currently the most pirated movie on bit torrent. Over one million downloads and counting,” he then adds, “Beyond depressing. This greatly affects the likelihood of a Zombieland 2.”

In our exclusive interview with Reese and his writing partner Paul Wernick told me they’ve got plenty of ideas for a follow-up. But that was contingent on the film’s box office success. Unfortunately, online piracy puts a dent in that success.

Roughly six weeks after its debut, Zombieland has grossed an estimated $83 million worldwide. It remains in the top 20 (it grossed $1.2 million over the weekend). I’m not sure what marker Sony is trying to meet before they give the go ahead for a sequel, because it’s made some good money, still, the piracy is a load of horseshit. And it’d be a shame if we missed out on sequel because of that.

Source: Rhett Reese