More Casting News for Alluvial

Baker fresh from Wicked Lake

One of the sexy sirens of Wicked Lake is joining the cast of Alluvial, the indie horror film we introduced to you earlier this month.

Carlee Baker (pictured) joins Ken Lally and R.A. Mihailoff as well as the recently cast Gunner Wright (G.I. Joe), Heather Snell (The Poughkeepsie Tapes) and Deacon Conroy (A Marine Story). Alluvial, written by Sean Decker and Jack Ulrich, will roll cameras this fall with Geza Decsy in the director’s chair.

Fire Sign Films is producing.

In the film seven friends contract a mysterious illness while camping the badlands of the Panamint Valley. The virus they contract causes them to turn on one another in a display of skewed emotions and primal rage. You can visit the film’s MySpace page here. Here’s another exclusive look at a storyboard:

Source: Fire Sign Films


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