Fire Sign Films to Produce Alluvial


Storyboards from the survival horror film

Pre-production has begun on Alluvial, a film that falls into the survival horror category. Geza Decsy is directing for Fire Sign Films. He’ll co-produce alongside Paul Hough and screenwriters Jack Ulrich and Sean Decker. Shooting is expected to begin this October with Ken Lally (Heroes) and R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface) the first two actors locked in to star.

SOTA FX is handling make-up and practical effects on this tale of seven friends who contract a mysterious illness while camping the badlands of the Panamint Valley. The virus they contract causes them to turn on one another in a display of skewed emotions and primal rage.

“It’s a fucked up little script,” explains Decker. “Jack and I certainly didn’t set out to write the Citizen Kane of horror films, although from the get-go we wanted to deliver an intelligent narrative, with characters hopefully the audience will relate with and bond to. It’s more Straw Dogs than ’80s slasher fare – although I do love those films. That way when things turn for the worse, there will hopefully be emotional weight communicated in the violence portrayed – and there’s a lot of violence.”

“I think that perhaps given some of Alluvial’s thematic elements, one of which is the universal fear of betrayal and its effect on people, and the rather tenuous nature of ‘modern relationships’ that eventual audiences will be able to invest themselves,” he adds. “I mean, how well do you know your friends? Visually, Roy and SOTA FX are taking the same stance with Alluvial, in that the effects are being designed to be organic and gritty, and therefore as unnerving as they possibly can be. It’s not a splatter tour de force, but when it goes down, it ain’t pretty. A certain producer described Alluvial as a David Mamet film, if he wrote horror. I don’t know if that’s accurate, but I do know that there are lesbians in it. Are there lesbians in Mamet films?”

Casting has begun on Alluvial in Los Angeles. Here’s an exclusive first look at a handful of storyboards. Stay tuned for more updates as they come in.

Source: Fire Sign Films