Laugier Talks Hellraiser Remake


Martyrs is about to be Americanized!

Pascal Laugier, director of the French horror film Martyrs, opened up to the fellas at AICN to talk about his upcoming Hellraiser remake set up at Dimension Films…and another re-telling that was, well, pretty inevitable.

Regarding his vision of Pinhead’s return, Laugier, who speaks frankly about the Weinstein brothers, says he’s hewing close to Barker’s novella. “We’ll get the chance to have much more money than even Clive had in the first film, so it will be of course more epic, it will be bigger, and I hope that it won’t be softer. And right now I trust the guys in Dimension [Films]. It’s all a matter of human relationship. I talk a lot with Bob Weinstein, he cares about the projects, he’s a movie buff, he knows a lot about cinema. But at the same time he’s Bob Weinstein and he’s a very realistic money maker. So it will be a battle, and I hope that a balance will be found so the film will be close to my vision. What can I say? I’m not sure.”

The French helmer also reveals the rights are being negotiated for an American remake to his own Martyrs. Dimension, who is distributing the original on DVD March 24th, will develop the redo (natch).

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Source: AICN