Jamie Blanks Flies into His Next Film


Possibly Australia’s first 3D film

Australian producers David Hannay and Anthony Egan are teaming up to unleash the 3D horror film Flies, scripted by Egan. According to Inside Film, Jamie Blanks (Storm Warning) is attached to direct.

Flies is based around the concept of genetically-engineered insects that escape and attack a small town. “It was a concept we thought that no one has really touched on the subject of ‘nature goes nuts’ in Australia,” Egan tells IF, somehow forgetting the choice “nature run amok” offerings that have and are coming out of his country including Blanks’ own upcoming Long Weekend. “So we thought up an idea that would fit that genre and have appeal in the national marketplace.”

Production is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2009 and is contending with two other homegrown projects to be the first Australian 3D picture in theaters. For more on how Hannay and Egan are going to make the film possible, read here for some tech talk.

Source: Inside Film

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