Faces of Death a Priority at Rogue


Producer provides update on feature film

Tell anyone that a Faces of Death feature film is in the works and the reaction you’re likely to get is either “Ewww.” or “How the hell are they going to pull that off?” Writer-director J.T. Petty has apparently found a way though. Leave it to the man who turned a Mimic sequel into a Rear Window homage and directed The Burrowers (in which he channels Terrence Malick and delivers one of the year’s strangest creature features) to get the job done. But how far out are we from seeing it become a reality?

“We’re very excited about it,” says Don Murphy, who’s producing through his company Angry Films for Rogue Pictures. “We would be making it in the next two months at Rogue for sure, except you might have noticed Rogue got sold. The deal’s not closed though. They announced they got bought, but the deal’s not closed. We’re told by the buyers, Relativity, that [Faces of Death] and The Strangers 2 are the priorities. But what happens if they close?”

Still, Murphy exudes confidence about the project. “The script is so good, it’s such a modern look at horror. J.T. Petty is going to be great.” Perhaps we’ll hear more on Faces‘ development just after the turn of the new year.

Look for Petty’s The Burrowers on DVD in April through Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor

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