AFM ’08: We Get a Look at Lesbian Vampire Killers

The next Shaun of the Dead?

Word hit me a few weeks back that one picture to keep an eye on is the UK horror-comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers. So, naturally, going into the AFM this year, I was keen to catch a screening. Alas, because the film is still in post-production, sales rep AV Pictures Ltd. didn’t have complete product to show, but they did have a preview reel. And it looked great.

Phil Claydon directs this campy romp which tells of a bunch of guys who head out into the country and battle a horde of, well, lesbian vampires. The footage flew by fast and featured everything you would come to expect from a film with this title: Hot gals, vampires, vampires getting staked, baked and decapitated. Stars James Corden and Mathew Horne flung about some witty quips and the action was over-the-top.

I’d say this looked liked From Dusk Till Dawn, but if the producers play their cards right, they could have a film that does for vampires what Shaun of the Dead did to the zombie genre.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor


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