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A collection of videos from around the web

Halloween’s here. And on a Friday! That means a full weekend of horror movies, candy and parties. Before I set off for the day to prepare, and co-host, ShockTillYouDrop.com’s first, and hopefully annual, Halloween party in L.A., Ghouls’ Night Out (details), I wanted to extend a Happy Halloween to all of you devoted readers.

Rather than compile a boring list of horror “bests” and “worsts” (there’s always the risk of leaving something out), I’ve gathered up a handful of videos to share that floated my way via e-mails from friends or I simply found drifting around online.

Let’s begin with…

Michael Bay’s A Nightmare on Elm Street trailer: Some Freddy Krueger action mixed in with a lot of explosions.

Speaking of Nightmare… Wes Craven has selected some of his favorite videos on YouTube. The following is his Halloween greeting along with the intros he recorded for each selected video. They’re strung together, so you get: Wes petting his cat. Wes in his study (that’s a big book of dinosaurs behind him). Wes by his computer (I think he’s leaning towards “Obama). And Wes sitting by a glass box (what’s in there?). To watch his selected videos: click here.

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein is, hands down, one of my favorite horror comedies of all time. So it came as a surprise to see the duo back in animated form in a short by “monster kid” Scott Essman.

Adam (Hatchet) Green’s latest short Halloween film: The Tivo

Splatterhouse. It’s comin’ back. I remember playing part 3 on the Sega Genesis (their games had the best box artwork) and since then I’ve insisted, to anyone who will listen, that it’s prime material for film…just like Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Anyway, here’s a trailer for the new Splatterhouse game. One more reason for me to finally f’in buy a game console (no, I don’t own one).

This one’s called Bartokular. It’s a new series from Travis Betz about a monster, his chained prisoners and the hilarity that ensues. Betz last helmed the feature Joshua – no, not the one about Sam Rockwell’s gay serial killer kid. Bartokular is vastly different in tone in comparison to Betz’s feature debut. Watch episode 1 below and pay a visit to Bart’s MySpace page.

So, earlier this month I received a package in the mail. Something from Wicked Pictures. Yep, that Wicked Pictures. It was a promotion, with product, for their latest sexy title The Wicked. Naturally, I gave it a spin and found it to be a horror film first, a rather uneven one, and a porno second. Still, kudos to Wicked for such a slick production and great marketing campaign. Here’s a trailer!

The Wicked – Trailer

A trailer for Tobe Hooper’s The Funhouse, just because I love watching the movie around this time of year…

And finally, those damn bunnies at Starz are spoofing 30 Days of Night, Grindhouse and more in 30-seconds right here. Again, have a fun Halloween! Now, watch the magic pumpkin…

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor