Bayona on Hater Adaptation


“It deals with the real world we are living”

Twitch spoke with Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage) about his next picture Hater. Based on David Moody’s novel, and adapted by The Shield‘s Glen Mazzara, the story concerns an epidemic of hate and violence.

“What I really liked about the story was that it deals with the real world we are living,” Bayona tells the site. “It asks if we want to live in a world where we are controlled from above, through fear. Hater is an answer to that fear: it shows what can happen when people react to it with uncontrollable fury. That’s an excellent start for a movie.”

Asked to compare his sophomore feature effort to The Orphanage, Bayona says, “When a director gives himself to the story, he ends up soaking the movie with his own style. Hater is a horror tale, but it’s also a very emotional story. It will be much more violent than The Orphanage, because it deals with hate as the main emotion. But it also talks about forgiveness, sacrifice and even love.”

Source: Twitch Film