Larry Cohen to Direct Peter Next?


“Burn Off” has strange side effects…

Producer JD Valenti, of Telepathy Film Productions, dropped us a note about a potential new project for director Larry Cohen (It’s Alive).

Written by Robert A. Trezza and Mark Daponte, the film is called Peter, the story of “a fit man, Peter Hansen, who closely watches his weight like a stockbroker watches his stocks. He marries a fit woman who within a year becomes a fat woman. His desire for her and himself to become the perfect weight leads him to a diet drink called “Burn Off,” which does and does not do what it advertises: the user loses weight but also loses all sense of reasoning. Peter doesn’t know whether to blame the drink or himself for turning into a sadistic murderer and keeping his wife a prisoner in his basement.”

Ah, so Cohen may be returning to “evil food products” territory after The Stuff

Valenti informs us that Jason Mewes, Tony Todd, Elizabeth Berkley, Omar Gooding and Noel G are circling roles in the film. We’ll update you with more as things become official.

Source: Telepathy Film Productions