EXCL: Producer Embarks on True Terror Train Remake


Pulling into the station late-2009?

Okay, class: If one Terror Train remake leaves the station in 2007 and another one is getting ready to depart in 2009, which one will reach its final destination first?

Confused by the question? Let me explain: There is a producer right now currently putting on his conductor’s hat to make a true Terror Train remake. Why true?

You may recall Nu Image going into production last year on a project that began as a remake of the Jamie Lee Curtis-starring film. Writer-director Gideon Raff climbed aboard, the story changed, Thora Birch was cast and the film is now simply called Train. And from what I saw at last year’s AFM, it looked like is “Hostel on the rails.”

I got word this week producer Phillip Goldfine of Steamroller Productions is moving ahead on remake of Terror Train that will stay true to the spirit of Roger Spottiswoode’s 1980 slasher entry. Goldfine’s credits include The Art of War II: Betrayal, Lost Boys: The Tribe, a handful of Steven Seagal actioners and Disturbing Behavior.

Goldfine, we’re told, has not snared a writer or director yet but he would like to get Terror Train ready for release in the fall of 2009. Nu Image’s Train, meanwhile, has no set release date.

Source: Ryan Rotten

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