Shock Profile: Lost Boys: The Tribe’s Autumn Reeser

On blood,showers and dressing up like an elf

Name: Autumn Reeser

Occupation: Actress

You’ve seen her in: The O.C., The Ghost Whisperer, Complete Savages

You’ll see her next in: Lost Boys: The Tribe as Tad Hilgenbrink’s sis and grade-A vampire bait We’re going to try and hit you with as many pun-filled questions as possible.

Autumn Reeser:

Shock: You’re character is the one who falls under the fang, tell us a little bit about her…

Her name is Nicole and she’s a bit like the Jason Patric character from the first movie. She and her brother move to this town and she falls for a guy who happens to be the leader of a gang of vampires.

Shock: This guy’s got to have some smooth moves.

He’s got the vampire stare, he doesn’t need any moves.

Shock: So, we hear that you play Michael and Star’s offspring from the first film…

I guess that’s true. I didn’t know that! I didn’t realize we were supposed to be their children.

Shock: Interesting. You know you’ve got some pressure on your shoulders carrying something like the Lost Boys brand.

On one hand, you’re guaranteed a lot of people are going to see it because they’re really interested. A built-in fan base. On the other hand, it’s controversial because people won’t like that you’re making a sequel because they think the original is perfect – they’ll say “This is gonna suck,” before they even see it or know anything about it. You have those two sides and I don’t think about either one. You just go in and do your job.

Shock: Last year you did a werewolf film called Nature of the Beast, now you’re a vamp. It must be a blast for an actress to sink her teeth into something like this…

Oh, man. No pun intended…

Shock: I told you we were going to “go there.”

Seriously, it was a lot of fun. I had custom fangs, how cool is that? I had a plaster mold of my face made, which makes you feel like you’re being buried alive. I just had it done again for an episode of Pushing Daisies.

Shock: You’re claustrophobic, aren’t you?

I am, a little bit.

Shock: And are you dead in Pushing Daises?

I am dead.

Shock: Now you’re undead in Lost Boys!

Oh, jeez. I should say the hardest thing for me to do was be covered in fake blood. Not just a little. I’m talking Carrie-style. It’s all over me. It was a challenge to stay calm. Take a gallon of maple syrup and just dump it on your head. That’s what it feels like. Everything sticks to you, you stick to everything. Your eyelids get sticky. It peels off your neck, it doesn’t just brush off. At the start, it was fun, but by the end, I just wanted to take a shower.

Shock: You need a few showers to get that stuff off.

It’s in your shoes, it’s everywhere.

Shock: Was it a total guy’s club vibe on set working with the vampire troupe?

Definitely. There were times I was just really over it. P.J. Pesce, our director, really wanted to bring that out in them, the rebel band in them. They’re dark and perverse so they brought it to set all the time. I have a ton of guy friends and we have a weekly poker game over here at the house. There’s 17 dudes at my house every week. I love their humor, but that much of it, it gets a little much. They were all great guys, though.

Shock: Did you adapt to the production’s night shooting right away?

It was fun. Every night we’d be meeting as the sun went down and drinking beers as the sun was going up, so you started to feel like a vampire after a while. We were up in Vancouver and it was cold. We shot inside this old mine, at night, and everybody, of course, gets long-sleeve shirts and pants. I’m in a mini-skirt.

Shock: That’s too bad. Vamping out in the film, you obviously have some interaction with a Mr. Edgar Frog as played by Corey Feldman. How cool was it to see him back in the costume?

I never saw The Lost Boys until I was offered this part, it wasn’t something I grew up with. I was a huge Goonies fan, so I asked him about that. He even signed a copy of it for me. He’s a great guy and a true pro. He came with a lot of great ideas and was enthusiastic.

Shock: Now that you’re done with this, did the experience live up to your expectations?

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I’ve heard working on a horror movie was a blast, but the challenges were more than I expected. The little things. Wearing contacts, prosthetics and fangs made it hard to see and speak. You couldn’t touch anything ’cause you’re covered with blood. But it was stunning up in Vancouver. If someone asked me if I wanted to do another movie where I was covered in dirt all the time, though, I’d think twice about it now. [laughs] The shower was my favorite part of the day.

Shock: Amen to that. The film plays at Comic-Con and we hear you’re heading down there.

I’m really excited about it, I’ve never been to one. I’m from Carlsbad and a bunch of my friends and family will be down there.

Shock: Well, tell them to dress up like their favorite characters.

Will people do that?

Shock: Maybe. You might see someone wearing their Edgar Frog red bandana proudly. Never put it past the Comic-Con crowd to embrace their fandom.

I did that once for a movie. It was awesome. It was for Lord of the Rings. I dressed up like an elf for a midnight screening, no joke. It was pretty much me and my fiancé dressed up.

Shock: So, do you think this is the last we’ll see of Nicole in the Lost Boys franchise?

I think this is it for Nicole. I think she’s going to go running and screaming from this town, although, it’d be great if they did a part three.

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