Overture Plans Home Invasion with Taken

And, a bit about Strangers 2 talk…

With The Strangers inching towards the $50 million mark at the box office, the powers-that-be at Overture Films are feelin’ frisky for a lick of home invasion thrills.

Overture and Winkler Films are swooning over Karl Gajdusek’s pitch for a film entitled Taken (no relation to the sci-fi series, natch). According to Variety, this one revolves around a crumbling marriage, due to infidelity, and the events of a home invasion that bring a couple back together.

Irwin Winkler and Jill Cutler will produce.

In other h.i. news, there have been rumblings on the web of The Strangers 2. Shock leanred from a few insiders that talks are way, way early – but of course it has been batted around. One source relayed that the right story needs to be told in order for that to happen, but at the moment Rogue is relishing the success it is having.

Source: Variety


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