Routh Talks Dylan Dog Film, Changes

Original Dead title sticks

Scott Huver over at sat down with Superman and Lie to Me star Brandon Routh about fan expectations and his character in the upcoming film Dead of Night in which he plays Dylan Dog, a character born in the pages of Tiziano Sclavi’s Italian comic books.

“[The story is] about Dylan who’s a nightmare investigator and primarily in this film we’re going to be involved with zombies and werewolves and vampires and some activity that occurs there creating comedy, action, horror and the thrills ensue,” Routh says.

There were reports that the film, directed by Kevin Munroe, might be called Dylan Dog, but Routh confirms the Dead of Night moniker will stick. As for its faithfulness to the Sclavi comic, fans should expect a minor change in Dylan’s sidekick who, in the source material, was the spitting image of Groucho Marx.

“In the translation to film, it’s not going to quite translate the way that you want it to and so unfortunately Groucho won’t be a part of the film,” Routh explains. “But there’s going to be an amazing sidekick and assistant and he’s going to be a really great character that people will fall in love with, I think. They might be upset at first, but we’ll woo them and do our best to bring back all the elements in keeping with the Dylan Dog lore. It’s always a challenge when you go from a comic book to a film. You have to make decisions about what’s going to play and what’s not going to play and how do you make it work because they’re completely different mediums. So it’s a challenge.”

Routh is next appearing in NBC’s Fear Itself, more on that in this interview!



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