Tons of New Cloverfield Stills

“Parasite” talk and the final one-sheet

More stills for you today from Paramount Pictures’ Cloverfield – which opens in one week.

There are some decent images from this recent batch, but what’s even cooler is the description we received for one pic (the gang fleeing through the subway turnstiles) which reads, “Marlena (Lizzy Caplan, left) and Rob (Michael Stahl-David, right) try to escape underground from deadly parasitic creatures who are chasing them…” All that talk of the big bad monster arriving with nasty lil’ buggers was correct after all.

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We also have the final one-sheet to share. The key art remains the same, however, you’ll notice some additional text – see it here. The poster isn’t anything really new for those who live in the major cities where Paramount is doing a mighty fine job spreading the word about the film alongside buildings, bus stops and billboards.

And don’t be fooled – there have been a lot of fan posters circulating on the web claiming to be legit. But Paramount has used only one image for their print campaign, and that’s of ol’ Lady Liberty with her block knocked off.

Source: Paramount Pictures


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