Trailer: The Oxford Murders

Starring Elija Wood and John Hurt

Álex de la Iglesia first caught our eye and scooped it out with malicious glee in the early ’90s with Acción Mutante, a over-the-top portrait of a future ruled by beautiful people dealing with a mutant menace. Shortly thereafter, Iglesia gave birth to the hilarious The Day of the Beast. Since then he’s kept rather busy, contributing recently to Spain’s “Films to Keep You Awake” with the installment “The Baby’s Room.”

Now he’s knocking on Hollywood’s door with The Oxford Murders starring John Hurt and Elija Wood. The former plays a professor who teams up with a student (former Frodo) to solve a series of murder…and math plays a part in it all! (Math! Yikes!)

Cinema VIP scored a look at the trailer (here) – it’s in espanol, so have fun with the translation! Hopefully some domestic distribution news will come down the pipe soon. Stay tuned…and get back to your algebra homework you’ve been blowing off.

Source: Cinema VIP


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